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We've had the gorgeous lead and harness for a few weeks now and love it! It's so well made and incredible looking. Thank you again for his amazing new look." 
- Tony & Louie

Ohhhh @puppy.mama!!! We love you and everything you do for all of the puppy mamas out there!! 👱🏼‍♀️🐶❤️"
-Heidi, Puppy Mama in Chandler, AZ  @hhhenrybudd

I just wanted to reach out to say how much your story has touched and resonated with me. Thank you so much for creating Puppy Mama. What a wonderful idea! You truly are an inspiration. Thank you for creating this community - it is something I didn’t even realize I needed until I found it. Reading through these stories has been so uplifting."
-Keirstyn Secord, Puppy Mama in Calgary, Alberta  @kikiseeks

Oh my - thank you so much! Kensington and I could not be any happier at being featured! Thanks for letting me share my love for Kensington! ☺️☺️☺️💕🐶🐾💝✨"
-Marakristine Manansala, Puppy Mama in San Diego, CA 

I fully explored your website and company this past weekend and absolutely love Puppy Mama. It is the most fantastic idea, and what funny timing to learn about Puppy Mama after just saying to a fellow dog mom how I wished something just like this existed." - Kate & Clementine 

Through this unique community, more women will continue to encourage one another, and together they will create a more pup-friendly world."

- The Huffington Post

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