Teddy Maximus

Pink Floral Dog Bandana - Style for your Klee Kai!


This lovely dog bandana will PAWsitively compliment both your daily and dressed-up styles. 

This delicate floral was chosen by a love for Spring/Summer evenings and the romance of flowers. From the iconic fabric house Liberty, this fabric feels as slippery as silk to the touch.

Hand tie or velcro to secure. Roll your Neckerchief to the desired point at the front. 

    Size Measurements Breed Size examples
    Small Fits a neck between 10-12"  e.g. Mini Dachshund 
    Medium Fits a neck between between 12-14"  Waffles' Size (13lb cavapoo)
    Large Fits a neck between 14-16" 

    e.g. Cocker Spaniel, 40 lb dogs 

    Handmade in England

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