Teddy Maximus

Pink Shetland Wool Dog Bow Tie


Strike a pose in this stunning Pink Shetland Wool bow which can be worn in a variety of ways around the dog collar - including to the front, stylishly to the side or even on top of the collar.

Shades of heather, pink, plum and damson make this shetland wool a sophisticated choice, creating an eye-catching design.

This bow sits on most collars through two elastic loops. Simply loop the bow through your dog’s collar and they are ready to go!

For a tighter fit, loop the elastic around the collar twice. 

Your bow tie has been lovingly handmade and therefore the final pattern on your bow tie may vary. Each one is beautifully unique and special. 

Made in London, UK by Puppy Mama partner Teddy Maximus.

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