Adorable Labradoodle Riply

My boyfriend and I got Riply together and she has brought such incredible warmth into our lives ever since. Her playfulness, innocence, and sweet personality always melt away any sadness or negativity that I might have from the day, and make me appreciate the little things. I never thought I could love a dog so deeply and purely; Riply has definitely changed my life, for both the better and for good!”

Life before Riply
"Funny enough, as a kid I was afraid of dogs, thinking they were so unpredictable. It was amazing to realize just how perceptive dogs really are - Riply always seems to know how I’m feeling! I’m also so grateful for all the people (and pups) we’ve met because of her, as well as for the many new adventures we’ve been able to experience!" 

-Michelle Chen, Puppy Mama and Riply the labradoodle in Chicago, IL @riplyvsaliens