Join the Puppy Mama Ambassador Pack!


Puppy Mama seen in Vogue

We are working toward partnering with more brands who share our passion to create a better world for us dog moms and our pups! We are working toward offering our Ambassadors more access to the following opportunities: 

  • Puppy Mama modeling feature opportunities (i.e. Vogue, GQ, Forbes, etc)
  • Photoshoot + brand video advertising potential opportunities
  • Free products and services from other brands
  • Puppy Mama LIVE interviews and other unique features
  • Features in our upcoming book series (more than 100 women + pups are featured in our first book Raising A Doodle: SparkPress Publisher, November 2019) 
  • Community access to other dog moms
  • VIP events 
  • And more!

We would love for you to join our Ambassador pack (there is no cost to do so)!  Join us today – sign up:


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