Dogs of any age heal us and bring incredible joy to our lives. Isn't it time for us all to be able to bring our best friends wherever we go?!?

At Puppy Mama, women around the world are sharing how their dogs are bringing immense joy to their lives. With over 1,000 stories submitted, the Puppy Mama community is proving that dogs are special members of our families and have the capacity to heal us in a variety of ways. 

Puppy Mama is growing into more exciting ways to enhance the lives of dog moms and advocate for a more dog friendly world.  To date, only 8% of workplaces and less than 2% of restaurants are dog-friendly in the U.S. – and, there is much needed improvement around the world, as well. 

Together we can change this! 

How we classify "dog-friendly"  

The Puppy Mama community is setting the "dog-friendly" standard - evaluating businesses according to a 5-paw total rating. We are rating businesses based on (level of importance in descending order): 

  • Pups can join inside 
  • Pup guests are not charged extra fees 
  • Level of customer service (ie dog treats, water bowls, menu items, welcoming, etc)
  • Quality of atmosphere, restaurant food, and beverages