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Bailey the Goldendoodle

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Bailey the Goldendoodle

Bailey is the sweetest little snuggle bug around! With Bails, every day feels like such a gift... her playfulness and unhindered love are a constant reminder that life’s too short to stay upset over things, both big and small. I mean seriously, who could stay sad with that teddy bear by their side?! I love her so, so much and feel lucky every day to be her person!"

- Alexandra, Puppy Mama in San Francisco, CA @bailey__doodle

The book for all doodle parents! 

Secure your copy of the first edition of "Raising A Doodle" today!

About Raising A Doodle

Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories & Practical Tips from Puppy Mamas Around the World is a source of guidance, support, and inspiration for new and experienced doodle parents alike. With stories and photos from more than 60 passionate puppy mamas — as well as insights from experts on training, health, grooming, and canine therapy – this book offers a lighthearted peek into the daily lives of doodle parents and their pups.


We are accepting applications from all dog parents for Book #2! 


Due to the large interest, we are rolling up our sleeves to begin writing book #2!  We are accepting applications from all dog parents (of all breeds). 

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