Benji The Loving Aussiedoodle

Benji is a registered Emotional Support Animal and has made every day brighter and happier since the moment I got him. With the stress of work, and the soon-to-be stresses of medical school, I knew I wanted a furry friend by my side and he has exceeded my expectations by being the most loving pup on the planet! 

This soon to be Dogtor is constantly prescribing belly rubs, kisses, and morning snuggles!!"

Life before Benji
"Life before Benji was still incredible with my family, friends and boyfriend, but definitely more stressful and less active. Now I’m up earlier, get exercise and fresh air when I take him on walks, and see myself much happier and healthier!"

- Nicole, Puppy Mama and Benji the Aussiedoodle in Gainesville, FL @dr.doodle.benji