"Bentley is our world"

There are no words to describe how much Bentley means to both my boyfriend and Me. Bentley is our world - pride and joy furbaby. Bentley has supported me emotionally in every way possible when issues had occurred. His presence and silliness make all of those problems nonexistent with those extra cuddles. Seeing him grow up everyday has taught us patience, love and silliness." 🐶💕

Life before Bentley:
"I grew up afraid of dogs. I never thought I would ever have a furbaby! Life was simple and unadventurous. We love sharing and including him in our adventures whenever possible. We are blessed and thankful everyday for Bentley in our lives."

- Jennifer, Puppy Mama and Bentley, the yorkiepoo in San Jose, CA  @mrbentley_yorkiepoo