Cookie, The Sweetest ESA

Cookie is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)! She’s my companion and fur baby first and foremost, but what people don’t see on the surface is that she also does tremendous wonders for my stress. I have Crohn’s Disease. This means that stress (along with a million other things) can cause flare ups which are painful and can be dangerous. Cookie is there when I have had a particularly hard day and on the regular when I have a million things going on and become anxious and overwhelmed. Since adopting my Pomeranian, I have had so much happiness in my life, and on the hardest days, where it feels like my exhaustion is taking over and I don’t even have it in me to leave my bed - she’s my reason. Some might just see a blonde with a dog in a bag like it’s no big deal, but she’s the biggest deal for me and there are so many days where I’ve felt like I couldn’t do it without her!"

Life before Cookie
"Life before my pup was normal. By normal I mean, for someone with Crohn’s - sometimes stressed about life, then comes the negative symptoms and side effects of that, sometimes stress eating which makes it even worse, and then sleepless nights followed by more anxiety when dealing with the physical ailments of a flare up. Nowadays, with my pup I seem to really have so much of that more under control – it’s impressive. On the outside looking in, you wouldn’t attribute that to my pup - but there is something about the never ending, overwhelming, and unconditional love from a pup day in and day out that keeps your days looking up, your heart warm, and your mind positive. Who doesn’t want someone so happy to see you when you get home that they pee themselves? I mean, you never feel more special 💗." 

- Brittani, Puppy Mama and Cookie, the pomeranian in Orlando, FL @brittani.dawn