Emmi & Alli

My story with Emmi starts when I was trying to let go of my kids and to stop being a helicopter mom. My oldest was getting ready to go off to college (in 2 years) and I needed something else to take care of.

My family was all against getting a little dog, but I had this image of the cutest purse dog so I picked out Emmi (she is a Shorkie). I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. She naturally fit right into the family. She played like a big dog and was also the perfect little lap dog. She won over everyone who didn’t like little dogs!

She has always had the biggest heart and from the beginning, she was naturally so in sync with me. Before Emmi, I had been having panic attacks almost every night, the first night Emmi slept with me, I didn’t have a panic attack. She became my therapy dog. She brought so much calmness and peace to me. I instantly was so attached to her, my husband and I brought her everywhere and still do!

She sits perfectly calm and quiet everywhere we go, people hardly realize we have a dog with us. I always knew Emmi was so in sync with me, but these last 4 years, I’ve truly seen the impact she has had on my life.

I have a spontaneous cerebral spinal fluid leak and 4 years ago was hospitalized for 2 weeks while they diagnosed what was happening. When I came home, Emmi was a different dog. She laid with me for hours on the couch and never left my side. Those weeks and months were lonely and so depressing but Emmi was there. She gave me hope and brightened those dark days.

Now, my leak symptoms have subsided, but I will get a leak spontaneously now and then and when I am having a leak, Emmi will stare at me and lay so close to me and won’t leave my side. She knows I’m having a leak before I do and let’s me know. She is now my service dog but she is so much more than that to me. She is the best thing to ever happen to me and I can’t imagine my life without her!

With that said, we recently got Alli (maltipoo) so Emmi could teach her everything she knows! Alli has been a fun addition to our family! She is adventurous and fearless and we look forward to seeing what else her little personality will be like! We are excited to be Puppy Mama ambassadors to help bring awareness of how much our dogs affect our lives! Also to find more pup friendly places to go and maybe even plan some fun dog events in our town!

- Darcy Kleven, Emmi (a shorkie) and Alli (a maltipoo) in Peoria, AZ @emmi_the_shorkie