Golden Boy Oakley

Oakley always has fun and he sees everything in the world as if it is there for him – he picks up sticks on our walks and it’s like he found the BEST toy in the world. He reminds us to enjoy the little things and have fun.

Oakley’s always happy. And, starting the day out with a big snuggle from Oakley or coming home to him after work, are always the best moments of the day. 

Oaks brings excitement, love, and tail wags wherever he goes and he makes everyone around him relaxed and happy. I’m generally an introvert so of course I got the most extroverted dog in the world, he loves everyone! People get so excited to meet him and give him some love, it brings out the best in all of us. 💛💛"

- Emily Mudge, Puppy Mama @emmudge and Oakley, the golden retriever @golden_boy_oakley  in Denver, CO