Graham - The Loving English Golden Retriever

When I was 17, we had a golden retriever that suddenly passed away. My family was devastated. In the meantime, one of my brothers was born who was allergic to dogs so our hopes of getting another was gone. Come 2017, my brother was older and was getting allergy shots and my family was begging for another. Finally our prayers were answered and we got another dog, Graham!  

No matter how low or sad I’m feeling in life, it’s an unexplainable feeling to walk through the door and always have someone happy to see me. Graham’s bright personality (who is always eager to please) brings our family together. He loves to go on car rides with me and play by our pond when I tan and loves to nap with me. What more could I ask for?!?” 

-Haylie, Puppy Mama in Wichita, Kansas