"He is always by my side"

I suffer from severe anxiety and I never realized how much a dog could help ‘till I got my little man. He is always by my side and whenever I start feeling panicked, he can tell and runs to my lap. Hudson has helped me in more ways than I can even describe, but I always joke that I hope I can find a man that looks at me the way Hudson does."

Day Bringing Hudson Home 

"Bringing Hudson home was very spur of the moment. I was never one that HAD to get a dog, especially in college. But once I saw him, I couldn’t say ‘no’. I was at the humane society with a friend and a girl brought in Hudson. They didn’t have room there for him and were going to ship him to another place so I stepped in thinking I was sure I could find him a home. I took him to the vet and he was right at 3 weeks old. The vet taught me how to bottle feed him, then switch to a bowl, then food. So basically Hudson thinks I’m his real mom!"

Life Before Hudson 

"I honestly don’t know if I remember what life was like without Hudson. I’m sure it wasn’t as happy. My friends like to joke that they never saw me having a dog or even keeping Hudson, but now they can’t see me without him. Is it weird that my dog is my best friend? Haha! He will be 4 in June and I can honestly say we have been through it all together." 

-Olivia Yocum, Puppy Mama in Atlanta, GA @hudson.not.the.river