Hope & Healing: Story How a Mini Goldendoodle is Healing and Bringing Joy Every Day

Jackie and Mollie
"I adopted Mollie on March 31st, since then—every day with her is better than the last. She has such an amazing and sweet personality, that everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. Having Mollie eases my anxiety, and my pain. After having 6 orthopedic surgeries (3 spinal fusions), just being with Mollie makes the pain subside, she makes me be more active outside the gym which will only help my chronic condition.

However, what I’ll be the most grateful for has nothing to do with my pain. April 1st, my grandmother called my dad begging me to take Mollie to meet her. I did not have any intention of going to visit my grandmother until I got my dad’s phone call asking me to go. I took Mollie to her assisted living place where Mollie sat on her lap for 30 minutes, played and was pet by her. They both loved every second of it. My grandmother died 3 days later. I did not get the opportunity to see her after the 1st. But I’m so thankful that Mollie brought us together to have one last moment together. Every time I see Mollie, I’m reminded how thankful I am to have her in my life and how she gave me my last happy moment with my grandmother. I could not imagine my life without her now."

—Jackie, Long Island, NY @thatmerledoodlemollie