"I am forever grateful for Theo"

Before we got Theo, my husband and I were living in Dubai for an assignment for my job. In January, I flew back to the US for what was supposed to be 2 weeks of training. Instead, I was hospitalized for blood clots in both my lungs and my leg. I am still grounded from flying and out of work. After a bit of time, we decided it was best for my husband and I to relocate back to the US once I am off medical leave.

We are currently in process of this. About a week after we made the decision, we knew we wanted to grow our family and that's when we met Theo. He has helped me cope and find joy in this otherwise traumatic period in our lives. Without him, I do not think my recovery would be as positive as it has been and I don't think my outlook on life would be either. We were meant to meet that day and I am forever grateful for him and the love he has brought into my life." 

-Meghan, Puppy Mama and Theo, the goldendoodle in Holyoke, MA @mr.theo.doodle 😇🐶🙌