"Jax is the sunshine to my mornings"

Jax is the sunshine to my mornings, he is filled with so much happiness! There is so much added responsibility that comes with owning a giant breed and that has helped me step up and be responsible for more than just myself. He has no fear and will greet anyone on the street with a smiling face and wagging tail (well, the little 1/4 of a tail he was born with)☺️❤️."

Life before Jax
"I was in college before I got Jax, my schedule was crazy- I was always busy and never had any me time. My family had never owned a giant breed before, but I saw Jax and knew he was my doggy soul mate❤️😊. Being responsible for him has allowed/forced me to take more time for myself because he is such an emotional dog and requires my attention. We love going to parks and taking naps and naps and naps. 💤🐾❤️"

-Sam, Puppy Mama @samanderson58 and Jax, the English Mastiff @jax_the_englishmastiff in Omaha, NE