Kensington Is A True Blessing

Kensington is the biggest blessing in my life. He adds love, joy and meaning through the unconditional love he brings to everyone who gets to know him. He has taught me to be less selfish by showing me what it means to be responsible for another life other than myself. He is the reason why I get up in the morning (literally) to take him out to the bathroom and for a walk.

Life before Kensington
Before Kensington, I had more money and went out more often lol but after Kensington, I enjoy shopping for him and spending time with him as my best friend. He’s truly added purpose to my life and I love being his puppy mama! 😍😍💕🐶🐾💝✨” 
- Marakristine Manansala, Puppy Mama in San Diego, CA
🐶: Kensignton, Maltipoo @kensington_maltipoo