Lovable Dublin

It’s been about 2 months since I brought Dublin home and I can honestly and wholeheartedly say he is the Best Thing that has ever happened to me. Dublin brings me true joy. I have TRIED to be in a bad mood with him around, and his bubbly, playful personality just doesn’t let that bad mood last. He is my running buddy, beach partner, best friend, and loyal companion.”

Life before Dublin
"Life before Dublin meant full night sleeps and money for mani/pedis (now it’s dedicated to dog food and pet accessories 😂🙈). Now it means 6 am wake up calls to go outside, a full and happy house, constant cuddles with a real-life teddy bear, and constantly researching dog-friendly restaurants 😎💕” 

-Maddie Meno, Puppy Mama @meno_and_dory and Dublin the labradoodle  @_dublin_the_doodle  Dublin in San Diego, CA