Lovely Luna - The Golden Retriever

Our first family pet was a golden retriever Ellie in 2002. Sadly we lost her in 2014. The kids are now adults and very independent.

We were lucky to give Luna a forever home in 2016. She brings such joy to all of us, especially to me as she is my new baby. My camera is always in my hand as she is so entertaining and so adorable. Whether she is digging a whole, playing with a rock or a stick or even a small tree, or squeaking her toys.

Fortunately there is always someone at home to keep her company, but I hate leaving her for work each day.  After a long day at work, I am greeted every time at the door by Luna's wagging tail.  She is an absolute joy to go home to.

Luna loves adventures to the beach and during our daily walks, she will sit and wait for humans or dogs to approach us. She loves other dogs and is so great with kids. And, she always lies on my feet whether I am cooking or reading a book. I love her greetings each morning by our bed and she loves to snuggle before our days begins. I cannot imagine life without Luna. 

- Audrey Wilson, Puppy Mama in Queensland, Australia