Lucy Loo, our sweet double doodle

Lucy Loo, our sweet double doodle ❤️

Lucy is our 3-month-old double doodle (Australian Labradoodle + Goldendoodle). My husband and I first fell in love with her adorable face, but Lucy's personality sealed the deal! We committed to adopting her soon after meeting her, and Lucy was so excited, she pranced after us all the way to our car! Lucy loves being near us at all times; she follows us around the house and tries her best to help me with whatever I'm doing, whether it's loading dishes into the dishwasher or folding laundry! She learned how to "high five" at just 8-weeks-old. Lucy gives me motivation to get up in the morning and is doing her best to make this night-owl-puppy-mama a morning person, and I love her for it.

- Lauren Smith, Puppy Mama in Toledo, Ohio