"My Two Loves"

"This is the story of Prince (3) and Marley (1)"

The best day of our lives was when we got Prince. We fell in love straight away, a feeling that both of us had never felt. And, we became responsible for this tiny puppy. 

Prince had a lovely life traveling around with us in the campervan, and was very reliant on being glued to our side.We decided to have Marley, Prince's son. Boy was the love just as strong when we had met Prince! We had never felt love like it. The bond Marley and Prince have is absolutely amazing; I wish you could witness it for yourself. They are so special and love each other, and also love their parents unconditionally.Watching them play, eat and sleep together is just the best. We are very thankful to have them in our lives. 💙"

-Carys Prosser, Puppy Mama in South Wales U.K.