"Oakley has made our house a home"

The first moment I met Oakley, he insisted on licking my entire face, and from then on I knew he was the one for me. Since then, he has provided us with constant cuddles and has shown us the meaning of unconditional love. Every day he provides us with a new adventure and sometimes even puts us through a whirlwind of emotions (he had some major surgery recently). Having him in our lives has been such a rewarding and exciting experience."

Life before Oakley 
"Before Oakley, our house was quiet. But having his wagging tail greet us at the door every day reminds us of how much he has made our house a home. 

I'm so grateful for this little dood and everything he does for us 💕" 

-Kristine, Puppy Mama and Oakley, the goldendoodle in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario @kdovigi