"He is truly the perfect addition to our little family!"

Murphy Donuts came into our life during a transitional time. He has had a very transitional life himself, having been adopted twice, in Kentucky and New Jersey, prior to us meeting him, and was sadly returned both times. When my husband and I met him, we knew immediately he was our doggo!

Adopting a senior dog has been incredibly rewarding, as well; Murphy is almost nine, but you definitely can’t tell, he’s so energetic! Knowing he’s home for good with us fills my heart! Being Murphy’s dog momma has helped me personally manage anxiety and overcome confidence issues. We’ve given each other stability and unconditional love!

Life before Murphy
Life before Murphy was quiet, but way less fun. It was empty without us even realizing we were missing something until we found him. He is truly the perfect addition to our little family!"

-Lisa Richter, Puppy Mama and her rescue dog Murphy Donuts in Middlesex, NJ @leebeeloves