Romie, The Loving Border Collie

Bringing Romie home was absolutely in the top 3 best days of my entire life. I had met him the day before, and barely slept that night knowing I got to bring him home with me forever the next day. At this point, I had spent months looking into getting a puppy, and when I saw Romie’s picture for the first time, I knew he was the one. The experience was everything I thought it would be, puppy struggles and all, and still the best decision I’ve ever made!"

Life before Romie
"I don’t think I could ever effectively put into words what it means to have Romie in my life. He came to me at a really transitional time in my life, and I was in the process of working through and leaving behind a lot of negative things. The effect that Romie had on me was immediate, and genuinely life changing in an even better way than I thought was possible. His sass, cuteness, and fluffy butt make every day better- he’s my best friend, and I am SO proud to be his mom ❤️"

-Shelby, Puppy Mama and Romie the Border Collie in Chicago, IL  @romienaps