"She is my best friend."

Bay is hands down the sweetest and most caring out of all three of my fur babies. She has such a big heart. She helps me with the laundry by carrying clothes on her back (nothing heavy) to the laundry room.

One night I was crying from pain (endometriosis) and she was so worried. She has very human like eyes and expressions. If I had my phone near me, I would have recorded what happened that night. She watched over me as I was laying on the floor in the fetal position. She must have felt frustrated that she couldn't help me, because after a few minutes of me crying, she started to cry too. It caught me off guard and I just hugged her and held onto her for the rest of the night. The other two fur babies slept (they love my husband more lol).

My other pup Bay sounds absolutely ferocious when she thinks we are in danger. It scared me a few times because it was dark outside and my hubby was not home yet. She checked every room before she would calm down.

Now if a pup loves paw rubs, it's Bay. She lives for her front paws to be massaged. She also works for belly rubs. She absolutely adores her stuffed toy, Alfie. He is a little raccoon I bought at TJ Maxx. She picks Alfie up so carefully and then brings to whomever she trusts the most at that moment (which is not the person who throws it lol). I could write a book about my sweet Bay. She is my best friend.

- Jannie Roberts, Puppy Mama in Sevierville