"Sherlock is my dream come true"

Sherlock is a sweetheart, and he is really our furbaby as my husband and I got married last summer. In between all his jumping, sleeping with his four legs up, chomping on his carrots, and saying hi to everyone on his walks, he gives us unconditional love. 

Seeing him grow everyday (quite literally), brings us so much joy.”

Life before Sherlock: 
"I have been wanting to have a dog my entire life, and my mother always used to tell me that I can get one when I’m married and out of her house. Guess what, that is exactly what I did - we got Sherlock a couple of months after we got married! So he is my dream come true ❤️"

- Joanne, Puppy Mama and her goldendoodle Sherlock in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada @doodsherlock