Small But Mighty

Adopting Duskie, a 6-year old rescue shorkie poo mix was one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life. The opportunity came a few months ago, and I knew the door to adopt him would close if I didn't take immediate action.

While the adoption fee was low budget, there were unexpected costs to cover--such as extracting six rotten teeth, skin sensitivity issues and behavioral training needs. No regrets as the investments have clearly paid off with visible physical and emotional improvements to Duskie's health. This has also impacted my own well being so much more than I'd imagine.

With his unique charm, cuteness and big personality, Duskie quickly made his way into my heart and a soft spot for the rest of my family. Sometimes I think I found him, but really I think he found me! So grateful for Duskie everyday, poop bags and all!"

- Nova Jeen, Puppy Mama and Duskie, the shorkie poo mix rescue in San Francisco, CA @hautenosh