Sweet Baby Ruby Rose

This is our sweet Ruby Rose! She is a five month old Goldendoodle and besides my husband, she’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

My childhood dog passed away almost 4 years ago due to unseen circumstances. I had planned my life around her and everything I wanted to do involved her so I was devastated.

Fast forward to now, I work from home and when my husband and I got married, it became super lonely working from home. There were days I didn’t really talk to anyone and I felt myself becoming depressed and just out of it emotionally. I’m a super social person and love being with people and talking to people, so not being around people all day was hard.

I would frequently tell my husband that I needed a dog. So finally, I got the okay to start looking and we picked out our sweet Ruby when she was 2 weeks old and took her home when she was 7 weeks. She had been the best addition to our lives and my life especially.

She follows me around all day at home and lays next to me while I work. She makes my lunch breaks fun by taking her on walks. She has made working from home the best job ever! She has brought me out of depression and helped me get back to feeling like myself.  And she has just the best personality ever! One of my nicknames for her is Happy because she is just the happiest dog ever!

We enjoy life so much more because of Ruby. She makes life so happy and fun. My perspective on life has changed by seeing life through Ruby’s eyes. Everything is an adventure! She also has so much resemblance in her personality to my childhood dog, so she truly is so special to me. Ruby makes my life better every day and I couldn’t imagine life without her now!

- Puppy Mama Ambassadors Hannah @hannahraegallardi & Ruby, the Goldendoodle @ruby.rose.thedoodette in Arizona