Sweet Carrot - The Corgi

First day we brought Carrot home, it was like a little girl in a big world aspect - she was so tiny and scared of the new surroundings. My boyfriend and I allowed her to do her own thing, sniff around, get used to her new home, and the first thing she does is pee on the pee pad! Honestly, we felt like we hit the jackpot and couldn’t wait to watch her grow and teach her everything."

Why Aileen's excited to be a Puppy Mama 
"Finding the perfect puppy was something that both my boyfriend and I spent a lot of time, researching and making phone calls. The day we met Carrot happened unexpectedly; she came in with a litter of Frenchies and we just happened to be at the pet store. She was absolutely perfect - the perfect size, perfect color, and perfect personality. She has been the light of our lives and we cannot picture our life without her. We plan our weekends based on puppy events and new dog parks for her to explore." 

-Aileen, Puppy Mama and Carrot, the corgi in Brooklyn, NY @carrot_thecorgi