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Sweet Sadie Lou

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Sweet Sadie Lou

Sweet Sadie Lou, where to begin?!? Sadie helps me see a bigger picture in life. That no matter what curve balls life throws at me, there will always be the sweetest puppy waiting at home to give me all the love in the world. She never skips a beat on showing me and her daddy how much she loves us both, unconditionally. She helps me be even more active, and helps me see the little things I never noticed before.

She has helped teach me that no matter how much I can mess up in life, none of that affects the amount of love she has to give and show me.

Puppy/doggy love is the best ❤️😍"

–Alicia W., Puppy Mama @aliciawatson12 and Sadie Lou, the medium goldendoodle @sadielouwho_doodle, in Greenbrier, AR 

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