The Perfect Match!

I am blown away by how our bond is growing. I try to be in tune with Rae’s needs, but really, she has a heightened awareness of mine. She’s a snuggle bunny or goofball depending on the vibe she senses from me. She’s also pretty obedient for a tiny pup (only 14 weeks old), learning new tricks and commands regularly which makes me very proud and happy." 

Life before Rae 
"Life before finding Rae was good but I felt that there was something missing. Our little family was just two. My husband and I traveled the U.S. in our tiny home RV full time and had many excellent adventures. All awhile having the goal of settling down with a nice yard before a dog. 

We talked about it for five years. We are thankful we waited because I couldn’t imagine having any other dog than Sweet Baby Rae who happens to LOVE being outside! It was a perfect match the day she was put in our arms. 🤗"

-Britni, Puppy Mama and Rae, the maltipoo in St. George, Utah @theteddybeardog