"We can’t imagine a world without him!"

About two years ago, my husband and I decided to find ourselves a puppy to help with my husband’s anxiety. When we brought Poopy home, we had no idea how much happiness he would bring into our lives, and now we can’t imagine a world without him! He brightens up every single day, without fail, with his endless kisses, warm snuggles, and constant companionship. It’s such a joy to be able to bring him to work with us and share his abundant love. 

He is always so excited to meet new people and greets familiar faces with the same enthusiasm and unconditional love he gives us everyday. He has shown us how simple it is to be selfless and to appreciate the little things, because all he wants in the end is to give you kisses, hear you laugh and see you smile." 

- Tina Hilton, Puppy Mama and Pooh McNugget the havapoo @poopythehavapoo in Waco, TX

photo credit: Tiffany Lan