Willa The Maltipoo

Maui the Pomski

Remembering The Day Alexis Brought Her Willa Home:
"We drove about an hour + a half to pick her up. We stayed and talked with the breeder for a couple hours and she was so kind. I felt that she had been completely taken care of. As soon as we brought her home, she was following me everywhere. I felt like she immediately knew I was her person!"

Why Alexis Loves Being a Puppy Mama:
“As my boyfriend of 4 years moved five hours away for dental school a week after I got her, it has helped me so much. I was nervous that I would be sad, but it’s nearly impossible to be sad with sweet Willa by my side. I’m so excited to create memories with her and see her grow. She’s a smart girl... in just 3 months she had already learned to sit, lay, and roll over! Also she’s the best cuddle bug in the whole world. She’s my real life teddy bear. Seriously, every single day is brighter with her."

– Alexis Landers @alexislanderss + Willa, a maltipoo @willa_the_maltipoo in Fayetteville, AR