Zoe - The Sweet Mini Goldendoodle

Zoe has helped me relax in a way I never thought was possible. Through her companionship, I have come to worry less and enjoy more. She brings so much joy to everyone she meets, that it motivates us to want to do the same. Her Dad and I are already talking about working with Zoe to become a therapy dog so that she can continue touching the lives of really wonderful people. We will feel very lucky to play even a small role in that! 

Being Zoe’s Mom has helped me to become more selfless, more present and in many ways stronger. We have this incredibly smart, loving, curious girl depending on us and that in itself is motivation to be the best puppy mama I can be! As a bonus, she is really preparing her Dad to handle parenthood when it’s time for human babies! 😉."

Life before Zoe 

"Before Zoe, my life was fantastic, but the unconditional love of a puppy brings something into your world you never knew was missing. And no, I’m not just talking about more conversations centered around poop! She has made our little family even more complete and brought an amount of laughter into our lives than we never knew we could handle! Before Zoe, I also wasn’t as interested in exploring the outdoors, but now I can’t wait to take this girl hiking, swimming and road-tripping!" 

-Casey Haber, Puppy Mama and Zoe, the mini goldendoodle in New York City, NY @zoe_thedood_abides