Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace | Puppy Mama Interviews Y Combinator

Puppy Mama went behind the scenes of dog-friendly Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley incubator that helps fund early-staged startups.

Dogs "should be welcomed everywhere," said Carolynn Levy, a Partner at Y Combinator. And, this pawsome company is proving that dog-friendly workplaces are PAWssible, since Y Combinator employees are able to bring their dogs with them to the office.

"We view ourselves as a family... And I think when people are so comfortable to bring their dogs, it emphasizes that this is a family atmosphere. And that people should feel very comfortable," said Carolynn. Dogs being welcomed and constantly around underscore Y Combinator's positive, close-knit environment. 

Even in tense moments, dogs can bring joy simply by the sound of their paws tapping away on the floor as they walk into the room. 

Many other dog-friendly companies have shared similarly. Dogs can decrease stress, foster new employee relationships and heighten overall employee morale.

Kat Mañalac, a partner at Y Combinator, said "I watch a lot of Instagram dog videos, and even that amount of interaction just decreases stress." 

Many companies that are not dog friendly believe that dogs would distract employees and reduce their productivity. Carolynn Levy disagrees and says, "I can do literally anything at work with a dog in my lap. It only enhances, it never takes away from what I'm doing." Having a dog around while taking an important phone call, for example, can lower the stress of that moment to be more equipped to deal with it.

Dogs are adding a special element to Y Combinator's culture. And, according to Kat Mañalac, "Having that kind of presence can really improve one's life."

Puppy Mama is creating a more dog-friendly world. 

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