Dog Friendly Companies Increase Morale | Puppy Mama Interviews Founder Institute

The Founder Institute, a start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley is on a mission to 'Globalize Silicon Valley' and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide. And, they are dog friendly! 

Founder Institute's employees rave about the benefits of dogs being welcomed in their workplace. For Founder Institute's Global Marketing Manager Rachel Sheppard, "Being able to bring your dog to work is huge." Rachel appreciates the ability to bring her dog, an adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Batman Sheppard (Rooney for short), to work because it helps him live his best life. Dogs need exercise-filled, stimulating lives and getting to go along with their parents to work and interact with people and other dogs is important for them.

Rachel and Megan Todd, Founder Institute's Head of Admissions, have become good friends because of their dogs. Megan, who is mom to Harrison Ford and Agave, says that "having dogs is such a great icebreaker" and she appreciates the connection forged by the shared experience of being dog moms. 

The Founder Institute does a service to both its employees and their pups by allowing them to be together during the workday.

"Dogs are loving and forgiving and that is something we could all learn to be a little more of," said Rachel.

Puppy Mama is creating a more dog-friendly world. 

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