Congratulations @Angel_Diva_Doodles for Winning the Giveaway!


We are thrilled to be sending a signed Advance Reader Copy of Raising a Doodle to the winner of @DoodlesoftheWorld's Puppy Mama Giveaway! Many contestants around the world participated, but Harja and her two adorable Australian Labradoodles @angel_diva_doodles from the Netherlands are the lucky winners!!!

Read on to learn more about Harja and her pups Angel and Diva.


Puppy Mama: How did you learn about the doodle breed and how long have this pair been in your life?
"We learned about the Doodle on the internet in 1999 after searching for a breed that would be a good fit for our family since our daughter was allergic to dogs."

Puppy Mama: What would you say are unique traits of doodles?
"They’re humans' best friends (pal); and, they read your mind, are so kind and understanding." 
@angel_dive_doodles and Harja Schrijver

Puppy Mama: What do Diva and Angel do to make you smile and feel special?
"Our Angel gives me kisses at the strangest moments and Diva is sometimes acting like a cat–chasing leaves.
They make me live my life...I don’t know how to live without them." 

Puppy Mama: Do they go with you outside your home to events? 
"They always go with us to every event and make the events more fun!" 

Puppy Mama: Do they introduce you to new people?
"Yes – a lot every day...I love them so much! 

Puppy Mama: Some have said that their doodles are like their "therapists" and help their family, friends and/or colleagures in a similar way — would you agree? 

"I totally agree and that’s why I love them."

Learn more about Australian Labradoodles in the book: Raising a Doodle
Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories from Dog Parents Around the World

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