"I tell EVERYONE to get pet insurance." –Lindsay, Phoenix, AZ

Tuli @tulithedoodleAfter receiving Lindsay’s and Tuli’s story yesterday, we had to share it with you as soon as possible. Their fight and perseverance to overcome extremely challenging obstacles, as well as Lindsay’s advice— this is a must read for all dog parents. 

Because the reality is: from pup to older age, our dogs need care. Lindsay shares her experience fighting to save Tuli’s life, and shares key insights regarding the importance of pet insurance.



PUPPY MAMA: Would you recommend pet insurance?

"I tell EVERYONE to get pet insurance. Tuli’s bills have been about $17k so far—most which would have been covered with insurance.”

PUPPY MAMA: Pet insurance has preexisting condition clauses. Did these affect you?

"Tuli wasn’t originally mine ... she was with her original owners who were going to let her just be and not pay for cancer treatment.She had been diagnosed already; so I couldn’t get insurance but I would recommend it 100%."

Tuli @tulithedoodle

PUPPY MAMA: What was Tuli’s diagnosis and when did you find out?

“Tuli was diagnosed with cancer at just 10 months 😩; she was born with it, but didn’t show signs until April when she was 5 months old. Within 4 weeks, she couldn’t walk anymore. The tumor is in her spinal cord.
Her first surgery, unfortunately, didn’t remove the tumor—within only two weeks after they removed a good portion, we did another MRI and the vets think it grew back even bigger within that time.”

PUPPY MAMA: Despite all of this, Tuli seems to be quite a fighter!

"She is definitely my little fighter! And she is theeeee happiest, spunkiest, and most energetic little pup I have ever seen. You would never know she is super super sick.
She was definitely put here to bring love and happiness to all who meet her!”

PUPPY MAMA: Watching Tuli in pain, and navigating her healthcare must be hard. What helps you cope?

"She’s on day 9 of 20 of radiation now.
We try to stay super positive. It seems to make her happy and as long as she has her tennis ball she is a little lunatic!!!! Lol!"

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