Adventures with Denver

Denver completely changed my husband and my life in the best way possible. Specifically for me, I struggle with anxiety and the day we brought her home, I felt at home. She makes our house warmer, our laughs louder, and our family adventures more exciting. She makes me a better person; I’m more caring, and I’m able to love others more because she has calmed so much of my chaos. I’m forever grateful for her love in our lives and the joy she brings our little family!"

Life before Denver:
"Our life mostly revolved around work. My husband and I can be workaholics 🤦🏻‍♀️ which brings a lot of stress and not a lot of time for fun and adventure that we desperately needed. When we weren’t working, we loved long drives, hiking, kayaking and exploring new coffee shops."

-Haylee Maxwell, Puppy Mama and Denver, the English Springer Spaniel in Visalia, CA @denver_englishspringer