Attention Fashion-Savvy Puppy Mamas! Finally, Style That Extends to Your Furry Best Friend

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Puppy Mama Store


Canine couture has been around for thousands of years. Archaeologists have even discovered dog collars in Egyptian tombs dating from 3,300 BCE.

Today, the rise of Pet Tech and advances in mobile and social technology, have created new channels and experiences for savvy dog moms looking for the perfect accessory. 

Puppy Mama founder Theresa Piasta was inspired while walking her cavapoo (Waffles) around her sunny bay side neighborhood in San Francisco. “Dogs are everywhere in San Francisco. I've had so much fun talking with thousands of amazing women who love their dogs - and when these stylish dog moms buy accessories for their furry best friends, they want the look to be an extension of their style - what they would buy for themselves.”

Piasta added. “I'm so excited to be partnering with two of the top London pet fashion brands. Both Lurril and Teddy Maximus have perfectly married the style that women want with the functional leashes, collars, harnesses, and carriers that they need day-to-day.”

Zoli Banfi, Theresa Piasta carrying Luca, and Ryan London in Lurril’s flagship store in London in May

Zoli co-founder of Lurril shared:

“With years of experience making luxury leather goods for human folk, we knew we could create something just as luxurious and equally as stylish for our four-legged friends.”

Holly Simpson, Founder of Teddy Maximus shared:

“We are delighted to bring our fun, luxury, British style to sassy Puppy Mamas across the globe. We understand there's nothing better than taking your pup wherever you go and our range of accessories enable you to step out in style! Together the craftsmanship of our collections comes together to create something special."

“Holly at Teddy Maximus and Zoli & Ryan at Lurril are wonderful and I'm excited to bring their beautiful pet fashion accessories to the Puppy Mama community.”


About Teddy Maximus 


They understand there’s nothing more blissful than sinking into a wonderfully comfy bed. Not only do they have the perfect place for pups to catch some ZZZs (and maybe a dream squirrel or two), but they also offer famous dog carriers, luxury leads, collars, harnesses, neckerchiefs, dog toys and bow ties - the product of choice for stylish owners, lifestyle press, and bloggers.

Production takes place across the UK by the finest Craftsman. Together, the craftsmanship of the various elements come together to create beautiful accessories for every kind of pup from Dachshund to Great Dane!

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About Lurril 

​Every dog owner wants the best for their treasured canine. Here at LURRIL we’re no different. Our story began with the arrival of lovely Luca. Immediately we knew that our beloved bow-wow deserved a collar, harness, and leash that were as comfortable and durable as they were functional.

With years of experience making luxury leather goods for human folk, we knew we could create something just as luxurious and equally as stylish for our four-legged friends. Enter, the designer-doggie LURRIL range. Handmade in London using lightweight, high-quality cowhide leather and gorgeously soft 100% wool felt, our collection of dog collars, leads and harnesses are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

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About Puppy Mama

Puppy Mama, Inc leverages technology to connect a vast community of women who passionately love their dogs and together advocate for a more pet-friendly world.


The Puppy Mama global web app helps dog moms around the world to connect with one another, effortlessly schedule fun meet-ups, share their stories and rate businesses according to a 5-paw rating to help create a more dog-friendly world. Check out our new store and join the community at!