"Boggs brings the LOVE!"

Boggs brings the LOVE! When my boyfriend and I decided it was time to move in together, we found the perfect apartment in our favorite city and everything was great! We had the best time building our home together and settling into our new routine. We felt like we had taken a step in our relationship, but we didn’t feel like a family just yet. 

When we got Boggs, he brought so much extra love into our home and made us feel like a real family! While the stress of having a puppy is tough at times, the love he brings to our family made it all worth it."

Life before Boggs
"Life was great before Boggs but it was just missing that special something 🐾" 

- Hattie Wilkinson, Puppy Mama @hattiee_mae and Boggs, the mini goldendoodle @bonkers4boggs in Raleigh, NC