Chego, The Lovable Mini Goldendoodle

Chego spins in circles and gets so excited every time I come home even if I’ve only been gone for 5 minutes. He can make a bad day good and a good day even better. I take him anywhere I go that he’s allowed - he’s my full time companion and I can’t imagine life without him! Plus he’s the world’s best snuggler. He will find a way to curl up next to you no matter what! And, his brother Tucker is the perfect mix between playful and chill. He knows how to brighten any room he walks into and bring joy to all those around him."

Life before Chego 

"I don’t even remember life without Chego... It was a lot less fun and a lot less active!" 

- Rachel, Puppy Mama and Chego, the mini goldendoodle from Dallas, TX  @doodle_sibs