Cooper's Zest For Life

Cooper is a pup who lives for adventure no matter what form that may take. It could mean driving across the country for an epic road trip or going for a hike in his favorite park. He brings the same enthusiasm and excitement to any outing, big or small. That genuine joy for life helps me slow down and enjoy it, too. When I’m with Coop, I’m more relaxed, I’m smiling, and I think of how lucky I am for everything I have in life.

Life before Cooper 
Before Cooper, it was a lot easier to dwell on a not-so-great day at work. The second I come home and see him, any negative thing that happened disappears instantly when I see his wiggly bum and wagging tail. Of course having him means coordinating my schedule (and his and my wife’s) is a little more involved. That means I have to put his needs before mine, and that’s what I love about being a Puppy Mama! He’s helped me be more selfless, giving, and compassionate, too." 

- Jackie Meinhardt, Puppy Mama and Cooper, the cavapoo in San Francisco, CA @cooperspupdates