Meet Junior Puppy Mama Karis & Her Poppy Anne

Meet our youngest Puppy Mama Ambassador pair - Karis and her angel puppy Poppy Anne @poppy.the.doodette

About Karis and Poppy Anne
"Poppy is kind of a therapy dog, focusing Karis away from some of the negative life curveballs and giving her a positive unconditional source of love. With just one month in the house, I as Karis’s Mom already see a huge difference in my daughter’s joy. ❤️ Dogs are the best therapy!" - Karis’ mom, Katrina.

Why Karis Loves Being A Puppy Mama Ambassador: 
"We are so excited to be a part of the @puppy.mama ambassador pack! My mama and I love reading all of the wonderful stories of fellow fur babies and their loving pawrents. The bond between a girl and her dog is its own kind of magic. . .💗"

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