Hilo & Kai - Two Special Bernese Mountain Dogs

With their never ending hugs and kisses, they have extremely helped me cope with my anxieties. They are always there to listen, and I swear Hilo knows exactly what I’m saying! 

Since they need to be kept on a schedule, I in turn am on one as well! This also greatly helps with reducing anxiety. I have also always been somewhat introverted. I like my “me time” and I could not be happier to have my two boys with me during my “me time”. 

The biggest shock was how it is nearly impossible to go anywhere with either of them and not be forced into conversations with strangers! This has GREATLY impacted my social life and has helped me become more confident when meeting new people!

Life Before Hilo:
My husband and I moved in together when we were engaged. After we were married, I noticed myself feel somewhat lonely. Leaving my family and my family’s dogs to being completely alone when my husband was away from work was terrible. I did not know what I was supposed to do with myself besides to eat and watch TV. Then Hilo came and completely changed that! Now I had my forever fur baby with me and I was never alone again! 💕💕💕” 

-Bianca Ozcanian, Puppy Mama in Montreal, Quebec, Canada