Roxie - A True Companion

Since Roxie has lived with my family, she has helped me in so many ways – She’s helped me be more outgoing. I’ve met many new friends on social media because I had questions about hiking with a dog and I meet new friends while hiking with her. She has also helped me be more responsible; from getting up each morning to feeding her and letting her out despite what the weather might be.

Life Before Roxie
I make Roxie seem like my dog in all my pictures on social media but she’s really my brother’s. He’s currently in the marines and lives overseas so we have had to watch her most of that time. My life without her before was definitely less entertaining - we have two cats which she loves to play and antagonize. She is full of so much energy which is so much fun to be around. She constantly thinks everything’s a game and it’s so hard to be stern with her at times, but she has been my best friend the past year and I couldn’t/can’t imagine my life without her eventually, when my brother takes her back."

- Anna, Puppy Auntie in Delmar