Honeymoon Fur Baby

My husband and I were getting off the flight home from our honeymoon when my coworker told me about a labradoodle puppy whose adoption fell through. We weren't exactly looking for a puppy at the time, but we both agreed that these types of things don't just fall in your lap every day, so we went to meet the puppy the next day.

The moment he was put into my arms, I knew that we had gotten one step closer to being a complete family. And when he fell asleep in my arms, we knew it was a perfect match!

Now, a year later, Maxwell has become my shadow. Everywhere I go, he goes. I've never been a "mama" to anything in my life, so I've never had something love and rely on me with such affection. I can't imagine our home without his big smile and wiggly tail.

- Ellery Ross, Puppy Mama in Solvang, CA