"It didn't take us long to become inseparable."

Sweet Baby Frank-

We had gotten married only the week before and we're still in the process of finding a place to live when we heard about the puppies at our local animal shelter. I agreed to go look at them but only to play, we absolutely were NOT bringing one home. We didn't even have a home! So we waited outside in 20 degree weather with the other people hoping to get a glimpse of the new puppies, last in line.

One by one we watched these little fluff balls get carried out with their new families - even their mom got adopted! I didn't want to admit it but I was getting nervous that we would miss them. Finally we walked in to the room and saw the very last puppy of the litter, all white with a black nose and a curious eyebrow; suddenly that no puppy policy flew out the door.

It didn't take us long to become inseparable. My husband is in the military so in the beginning for a while it was just Frank and me. I moved to a new place with no friends or family and a severe social anxiety which makes it hard to make connections with new people. Franklin has been such an angel and such a blessing in my life.

He's never far from my side and he is such a gentle, kind and loving soul. Nothing can compare to the happiness he brings not only myself and my husband, but also everyone he meets.

- Marley Catron, Puppy Mama in Virginia Beach, VA