"Louie Saved Me"

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 16. At 22 I found out I needed surgery to remove part of my colon and small intestine and for 6 months I got sicker every day.

I went to bed most nights wishing I wouldn't wake up the next morning. I had moved across the country to follow my dream of being a TV reporter and even though I worked through the pain, it was hard being alone and I became extremely depressed and suicidal.

I went back to my hometown to have my surgery so my parents could take care of me. Two days before Christmas my mom walked into my living room with a baby Maltese. He was 2.3 pounds and I fell in love instantly. Anytime I felt like I couldn't live another day through the pain, I would look to Louie.

He had so much love for me and relied on me so much that I could never leave this world without him. He saved my life. And for that, I am forever thankful."

- Kayla, Puppy Mama in Lake Charles, LA